AYP Girl

Why Young People?

  • HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death among adolescent young people (AYP) aged 10-24yrs in Africa
  • 50% of 15-19yrs AYP living with HIV globally are in just 6 countries: South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, India, Mozambique and Tanzania.
  • Current estimation – 1600 new infections per week among adolescent girls and young women in South Africa 
  • Risk factors include: early sexual debut, age-disparate relationships, transactional sex, gender based violence, unplanned pregnancy, dropping out of school and substance misuse


  • Risk avoidance, prevention, age-tailored, comprehensive package of social, structural and biomedical services, aiming for 80% saturation of at-risk AYP 
  • Targeting AYP aged 10-24 years 
  • Aiming for Healthy, Educated, Empowered, Safe AYP


Increase retention in school
Decrease HIV incidence
Decrease teenage pregnancy
Decrease gender-based violence
Increase economic opportunities
AYP Couple

AYP Components

  1. School-based interventions
  2. Higher education-based interventions (TVETs and CETs)
  3. Community-based interventions
  4. Biomedical interventions
  5. Male Sexual Partners of AGYW-based interventions
  6. Post violence care interventions