Invitation to Register on Supplier Database

Application Form

The Institute of Health Programs and Systems (IHPS) cordially invites potential suppliers and service providers to apply for registration on the official IHPS Supplier Database. The primary aim of this database is to ensure an equitable platform, providing all interested parties an equal opportunity to submit quotations for goods, works, and services to IHPS.

To begin the registration process, kindly access the Supplier Database registration forms available for download on the IHPS website, It is crucial that suppliers thoroughly review the Registration Form, complete all sections accurately, and ensure the form is duly signed and dated. Please note that minimum requirements are outlined on page 2 of the Supplier Database Registration form.

Failure to submit the required documents listed on page 2 of the Supplier Database Registration Form, or submission of incomplete registration forms, will result in the invalidation of your application.

Kindly forward the completed Database Registration Forms to the following physical address:

113 Bowling Avenue
The Braides Office Park, Building A2
Gallo Manor

For any inquiries, please communicate in writing to the IHPS Procurement Officer via email at When emailing, kindly use “Database Reg” as the subject.

The deadline for receiving Database Registration applications is 11:00 AM on 16 July 2024. Please note that submissions via email or late submissions will not be considered. Furthermore, application forms must be submitted on the original document issued.